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Specimen Lake

Our Specimen Carp lake is a well established 3.5 acre pool with a depth range from 1.5 - 8ft and offering some of the best day-ticket Carp fishing to be found in East Sussex. The lakes are stocked with a mixture of Common, Ghost, Mirror and Grass Carp to 37lb.  There are many fish over 30lb, and if you catch one you get the opportunity to join our exclusive 30lb+ Facebook group!

There are 14 purpose built swims around the water and each of them are big enough to accommodate a bivy shelter and all the necessary kit for a long-stay session. Several are double swims, allowing your group to fish next to each other.  There is parking available adjacent to all the swims.  

We welcome anglers for both short and long stays. There are also some good quality Pike in our specimen lake with a known best of 30lb. It can be both challenging and rewarding so your rigs, bait and tactics will need to be 'cute' to the seasons to get the best from your session.

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